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A selection of print materials made for marketing purposes. As a graphic designer, I deliver high quality designs for posters, banners stands, programs, flyers, postcards, etc. Work done for various organizations, including: the University of New Brunswick, Kings Landing, AEFNB, and many others.

Marketing materials for theatre shows RENT and Legally Blonde


Marketing materials for theatre shows Little Mermaid and Spamalot


Signage NB Watershed


Newspaper Ad for The Coffee VW


Book Cover for Thera van de Berg's Ver


Poster and bookmarks for UNB Student Accessibility Centre


Bookmarks, poster, and banner stand for UNB Student Health Centre


Brochure CZ jaarverslag


Magazine ad for AEFNB


Bookmark promoting UNB Online courses


Postcard, flyer, and banner stand for UNB Health and Safety programs


Page from an information booklet for Kings Landing


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